Here I collect notes about a lot of things and topics I think are interesting.


Computer Science

  • Python
  • Can a computer ask questions?
  • Netflix Prize
  • Books about neural networks/artificial intelligence/data mining
  • How "Google Sets" Works
  • Fast similarity search in large dictionaries (ETH Zuerich)
  • A coordinate system for the internet based on the real world (each webpage gets a geographical coordinate (based on the topic or the location of the author), and if that's not available expand the geographical coordinates to geographical ones in a virtual world, e.g. planet maier ;-) ). Can one buy a certain coordinate location in the real world (where nothing can be found e.g. somewhere between mars and the asteroid belt) and use it as virtual location for a web site (and in that sense hack augmented reality)? For example one points with the iPhone at a certain location at the sky, which would then reveal that in this direction some billion kilometers away the web page of some guy is located.


Programming and Markup Languages




  • P.h.D. = Permanent head Damage
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